Sourcing and Producing Products in China

Sourcing and producing products in China can reduce your costs and increase your profit margin but it can come with the stress of quality control and logistics management.

We take all of that stress away as a sourcing company for companies of products all over the world.

There are many different possibilities and advantages offered by an industrial sourcing company such as ourselves to manufacture products in China.

More companies are looking to use sourcing agents like S3UK for this purpose but for many, it’s still an unknown concept. 

China is a country with unbeatable production conditions

China portrays an image of producing products of poor quality that won’t last a couple of minutes however, you will be surprised that China and other Asian countries offer a better quality of producing products than European countries.

Unfortunately, we can’t simply show up and begin guaranteed production in China, there are a few things to consider when sourcing and producing products in China;

  • Knowing the language
  • Understanding the culture
  • Able to communicate fluently
  • Meet with hundreds of suppliers
  • Spending time there selecting the most appropriate suppliers for you
  • Making contact with engineers and companies
  • Track prototypes, samples, and then there’s the overseeing of the production, plus so much more.

China offers infinite possibilities for development and production, as it will not only give you maximum quality but will also significantly reduce your costs.

The advantages of producing in China

  • Variety of suppliers
  • Production capacity
  • Cost reduction
  • Product development of any range
  • Manufacturing of almost any product and/or component
  • High levels of professionalism
  • Global Market Orientation 

The advantages of hiring a company with sourcing experience, such as S3UK;

  • Maximum production experience of all types of products in China 
  • Trust in all sourcing processes
  • Teams installed in Shanghai and other cities
  • Knowledge of the work culture and its language
  • A large network of trusted suppliers
  • Selection of the best factories
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Team management
  • On-site production control
  • Management of quality control
  • Development and design of new products and components
  • Improvement of current products
  • Handling of logistics

We provide a complete service from start to finish for those companies that are wanting to start sourcing and producing products in China. Ensuring that you get the best results without the worry and stress of managing it all.

By setting that high benchmark in industrial sourcing with hundreds of successful projects behind us we help companies overcome the challenges of working with the Chinese business culture including the production and selection of suppliers of consumer goods, electronics, technology and industrial goods, always with the best quality standards at the most competitive price.

For any further questions or queries about our services, please get in touch.