Corporate Gifts To Boost Your Brand

Corporate gifts can boost your branding and are a great way to enhance the image of any company.

Are you looking to purchase corporate gifts for your clients but reduce your product and manufacturing costs?

Many companies give their merchandise as gifts and is a great way to keep you in the mind of that person.

Merchandising should be within your marketing and sales strategy, however, we shouldn’t choose a product at random to give as gifts.

Your gifts should reflect the philosophy and values of your company.

Most Common Merchandising Products

Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of choosing their corporate gifts based solely on the cost of production.

The positive side of this decision is that your gifts can reach more people. However, the downside to this, the user of the gift may not think of your brand (even if they see your logo).

What is the perfect Corporate Gift:

  • Clothing such as caps, t-shirts, hats
  • USB sticks
  • Mugs or drinks bottles
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Stress toys

Without a doubt these are some of the most common corporate gifts but, at the same time, they rarely fulfil the objectives of a marketing plan.

For example, a Branded Trainers company give away pens? What added value would this type of gift have for its customers?

We all use pens, but… who associates a pen with sport or trainers?

Maybe giving away a backpack, water bottle or even a mobile phone case to use whilst running.

These are gifts that would be used more than say the pen. Not only providing value to your customer but also capturing the attention of your target audience.

It also means that your customers most probably have a dozen corporate-branded pens at home.

(Real) Benefits Of Corporate Gifts

The moment you announce to your customers that “for a purchase of more than X” they will receive a gift”, you are making an investment.

If you’re going to make it, why not make the most of it and end up making a return on that expenditure?

It is clear to any business owner that seeing someone using a product with your logo on it brings a smile to their face and fills them with pride.

It’s important to bear in mind that when you take advantage of all the real benefits of corporate gifts you can achieve:

  • Better customer experience.
  • Excellent customer loyalty method (customer loyalty is the most powerful strategy for any company and can even lead to increased profit margins).
  • Positive brand image
  • Advertising (the customer is not charged for displaying your brand).

These advantages, together or separately can contribute to the main objective of an increase in sales (either through existing or new customers).

Importing Corporate Products From Overseas

Once you have decided which merchandising products you are going to give to your customers, it is time to find where to manufacture them, many companies choose to go overseas in order to reduce costs.

Producing corporate gifts overseas is a good option, especially considering the diversity of options and the wide range of possibilities to customise your products, with your logo and branding colours.

Merchandising products are usually inexpensive, and companies take advantage of manufacturing during the ordering of other goods, helping to further reduce costs and optimise transport costs.  

If you need help sourcing your corporate gifts, a purchasing agent can advise you not only with suppliers but also on the best merchandising products for your company and industry.

S3UK has over 15 years of experience in managing international purchases, we love a challenge and for that reason, we can help you find your perfect corporate gifts at the best price and with all the guarantees of a safe import.