Javier López Astaiza, new S3 sales agent in Colombia

A few months ago, simply by filling out the Contact Form on the Group website, Javier López Astaiza, consultant and university professor, contacted us wishing to be the official sales agent in his home country, Colombia.

We quickly realised that Javier was a more than valid candidate to represent our company, based on his motivation, knowledge of the international trade industry and his own relevant position in the market.

As far as the Colombian market itself goes, it definitely represents an excellent opportunity for S3 Group.

Regardless of certain recent political issues, some of them common in several Latin American markets, the country combines several highly attractive factors, chief among them: high economic development, abundant natural resources, a strategically optimal position and a growing middle class. We wish Javier lots of success in the development of the Colombian market!

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New S3Uk student intern: Daniela Wakilova

Daniela is an international student studying at the University of Northampton, in the 3rd year of her BA International Business degree, on which S3UK Director Adrian Pryce teaches. She has work experience in the telecomms and hospitality industries, and prides herself on teamwork, customer service,  cross-cultural effectiveness as well as administrative skilled.

Daniela will be helping Adrian with market research, administration and social media. Adrian reports that “Daniela is always very conscientious and diligent in the classroom, with an eagerness to learn, especially about international business, and she will be a great help to S3UK.” 

Aside from academic and professional life, Daniela has interests in any kind of sports from individual activities such as running to group sports such as volleyball, in which she was a professional for 5 years.

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