S3 Group at the TEDx Talks!

Last October, S3 had the opportunity to share our experience related to entrepreneurial spirit and overcoming of hurdles, in the context of a TEDx event organised by the Barcelona Campus of Geneva Business School.

Following the motto ‘Lessons learned: are we as humans capable of learning from our mistakes?’, a total of 6 speakers shared a wide variety of experiences, ideas and recommendations, in front of both a mixed ‘on campus’ and online audience of international entrepreneurs, faculty and students. Our participation focused on a difficult period in the company’s history, at the time covered in-depth in our Newsletters, but from which the team managed to recover very well, in order to create the current set of companies that make up S3 Group.

Readers who are interested in viewing our 12-minute talk, can do so both on the official TED website, as on TED’s YouTube channel, by clicking on the following links: