New reference in the packaging range for perfumes

Our regular readers surely have noticed over the last few years that our company has an important sourcing activity focused on packaging for perfumes. Among all the references for which we manage the production, quality control and shipment, probably the chrome finished taps are the most eye-catching, given their pretty spectacular image, as well as for the fact that all of us recognize them when shopping for perfumes.

Nevertheless, our customer, a major producer based in Aragón, Spain, is very much on top of trends in the industry, among others with the intention to highlight a strong link to and concern for nature.

In this context, they recently asked S3 to source a new range of wooden caps.

Given our recent expansion in new sourcing markets, we focused the research for suppliers on several countries, particularly China and India, although in the end – once again – the Chinese option prevailed.

As usual, a few images give the best insight in the main characteristics of the product, as well as some of the stages of the quality control inspection corresponding to the first deliveries of these items.